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Residents of Putnam County,

If you believe as I do, our local Putnam County Judge is a vital component of our community, providing an essential service to our residents. As such, it's only suitable that the citizens of Putnam County are the ones to choose the person they believe is the most qualified, experienced, and capable of filling that position.

For over 50 years, I have lived here, attended school here, worked here, and raised my children here in Putnam County. My insight and life experiences as a long-time Putnam County resident is something only I can provide as the next County Judge to our community. That same experience includes some 25 plus years of working directly in the criminal justice system in Putnam County.  I sincerely believe you will find I am the most qualified and experienced person to be your next County Judge.


In my life experiences as a former member of the Army Reserves (honorable discharge), Palatka Police Officer, Assistant Prosecutor, and now General Counsel for the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, I have always treated everyone fairly, equitably, and without prejudice. I believe 


in our United States Constitution with the checks and balances this document provides us in our government. As your next County Judge, the Constitution will be adhered to every day faithfully. Everyone in the criminal justice system should be entitled to all of its protections without fail.

Please take a few minutes to review my accomplishments, education, and accomplishments, and I believe you will find me the best choice for filling the role of your next County Judge.

In closing, I would appreciate your vote and, most importantly, your trust to serve as the next Putnam County Judge. With that, I promise to continue to uphold the same fairness, dedication, and care I have always given in making our community a better place for all our families to live. I look forward to your vote for Sharp on August 20th! 

Alex Sharp

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